Fixing my rapman 3.1

I have an old rapman 3.1 3D printer. At the moment it isn’t working. The hot end broke down so I decided to replace some parts of the printer. 

I’m going to update the following parts of the machine:

  • The hot end
  • The extruder 
  • The electronics
  • The print bed

After updating all of the above I hope I can finally print again.

I already have all the parts I need for this update for a long time. Just didn’t have any time to work on the printer.

I am going to replace the hot end with a j-head. At the time that I bought it, it was the best. I am going to use this hot end with a Greg’s wade extruder.

The electronics are going to be replaced with a ramps 1.4.

For the print bed I am going to use a geckoteg build plate. I participated in the Kickstarter for this project. I hope the build plate is working fine.